Robert Hubert

Club Apocalypse Manager, possible Mask of Nyarlathotep


Height: 5’10"
Eyes: Black
Hair: Brown or Blonde (it changes constantly)
Dress: Immaculately dressed in a proper suit of the most current style
Actor: Tom Felton


Robert Hubert is the manager of Club Apocalypse. He can always be found sitting like a king in a throne-like chair at a roped-off circular table with hangers-on (usually young and beautiful specimens both male and female who seem utterly enraptured with him). The sight is always disconcerting, as Hubert never speaks nor shows a whiff of emotion, yet his entourage simply fawn over him with stars in their eyes.

Hubert rarely comes down from his table; when he does it’s to address someone he deems of import, and usually in one of the hidden back conference rooms of the facility.

Nobody knows anything about Hubert save that he is astoundingly powerful, sometimes feels Gifted, sometimes purely Tainted, and sometimes bursting with Sadicas—an enigma wrapped in a paradox tied up in a puzzle with a missing piece. His club is bi-located in Pittsburgh and New York City, and only he knows how to allow someone to enter in one city and exit in the other. There are whispers among those very few in the know about Mythos matters, that he may be one of the more sinister Masks of Nyarlathotep, though for an agent of chaos, he keeps his club in very good order.

In the end Hubert isn’t so much an ally of the cast, but an unfortunate resource, possibly a major threat one day, and someone they neither like nor trust. Much to their chagrin…he seems to like them just fine.

“He’s better dressed than anyone you’ve ever met. He’s fashionable, rich, powerful, well-spoken, and impeccable. He never displays emotion. Robert Hubert behaves as a machine in a man’s skin. Fastidious to the point of obsession, his constant grooming and precise, clockwork-like movements more closely resembles something that stepped out of the Uncanny Valley than a human being. Robert Hubert first appeared on the New York scene in the 60’s. He became manager of Club Apocalypse at its opening in 1969, and has remained a fixture there ever since. He has [apparently] not aged a single day.” (Source: The Fairfield Project)

Robert Hubert

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