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  • Joe Knonaem

    A open-minded and tough-as-nails homicide detective made lieutenant after many years of service. He and [[:anita-blake | Anita Blake]] often work together on cases. Joe has been long-involved in a romantic relationship with Lexie Carver.

  • Alexis "Lexie" Carver

    A forensic psychologist, and Detective Knonaem's main squeeze. Lexie does him favors by looking over perplexing crime scenes on occasion, though she no longer officially does CSI. Lexie is a warm and genuinely caring soul, and has a very empathic nature.

  • Kathryn Stoddard

    Kathryn is a friendly but somewhat socially-awkward British woman who is approximately 500 and something years old (she lost count around 234 and can't be bothered to do the math). She's worked for the Library of Alexandria almost her entire life. In …

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