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  • Joe Knonaem

    A open-minded and tough-as-nails homicide detective made lieutenant after many years of service. He and [[:anita-blake | Anita Blake]] often work together on cases. Joe has been long-involved in a romantic relationship with Lexie Carver.

  • Alexis "Lexie" Carver

    A forensic psychologist, and Detective Knonaem's main squeeze. Lexie does him favors by looking over perplexing crime scenes on occasion, though she no longer officially does CSI. Lexie is a warm and genuinely caring soul, and has a very empathic nature.

  • Rebecca Walton

    Little is known about the beautiful young woman named Rebecca Walton, aside from the fact that she appeared at the Hive Arcana one morning, shortly after the Cast had been given their "Hastur Files" Dossier which pointed to a young woman who looks …

  • Phyllis Barnes

    Phyllis Barnes is a quick-witted F.B.I. Special Agent with a keen mind and a deep sense of honor and justice. She's got an unerring bullshit detector and is an outstanding judge of character. She's serious, but not without a sense of humor and in many …

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