Club Apocalypse

With the sale of the Upstage in the early 21st century, the supernatural community of Pittsburgh was left without a place to congregate, conduct dealings and exchange information. That all changed in a single night in April, 2012.


Club Apocalypse is a new bar and nightclub that has become the current home for the supernatural elite (and anyone else who wants to risk entry) in the city. It literally appeared overnight in 2012, situated in an old warehouse past the Strip District…a warehouse that was not there at all the day before. Aside from the strange lights in the windows, the smoke pouring out from within, and the pounding of industrial doom metal (or is it some sort of electronic jazz?), the building doesn’t look like much—an old brick structure that even looks in a bit of disrepair.

Inside, however, is a wholly different story. It’s an exceptionally modern and well-made club whose dimensions don’t seem to match the building outside. The same band (Charnel Dreams) plays there very night, and the club is presided over by its mysterious and sinister manager, Robert Hubert.

Indeed, the club’s inside occupies its own space, and seems to shift as needed—with rooms appearing where none were before and others that once were there vanishing. While the main room is always there, it always seems to be filled to capacity, regardless of how many people are there. A back hallway guarded by hulking men in black suits and blacker sunglasses leads to a seemingly infinite number of rooms—some are ultramodern and immaculate conference rooms. Others…who knows? Occasionally, screams of pleasure or pain (sometimes both in one) emit from some indecipherable area in that hallway, where time itself seems to twist, undulate and bend…


One of the most startling things about Club Apocalypse is that it appears to be bi-located, existing simultaneously in Pittsburgh and New York City. This is an exceptionally convenient arrangement for the Covenants and supernaturals in these cities, allowing for easy dealings between states. However, one cannot enter in Pittsburgh and leave in New York (or vice versa) without Robert Hubert’s allowing it, and Hubert never does anything without a price. Those who have accepted favors from Hubert have generally come to regret it.

Robert Hubert

Robert Hubert is the manager of Club Apocalypse, under the auspices of its mysterious owner, Stephen Alzis, who has never been seen by our heroes. The Cast suspects that Hubert himself may be a Mask of Nyarlathotep, based on their former dealings with the Elder God, but that the Hubert mask is more sinister and less jovial than the Mask with whom they were accustomed to dealing. One thing is certain: Hubert is a being of extreme power and not to be trifled with. Indeed, dealing with him on any level may be an atrocious idea.

Always wary of dealings with the Outer Dark, Anita is not a fan of Club Apocalypse, but understands its importance as a resource to her investigations. She goes there when necessary but prefers to delegate that task to her associate, Matthew Canaan.

Club Apocalypse was originally conceived for the Delta Green Role Playing Game and first appeared in the Delta Green: Countdown sourcebook. The club has been modified to fit my ’verse—as my players and those who follow our games are aware, I pick and choose elements from horror properties anywhere and everywhere to build my mythology. As such, some, any, all or none of the Delta Green information may or may not be accurate to this version.


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