A quick note: our episode count will be shorter this year. Last season we chronicled every session as an episode, which led to a lot of multi-part stories. This season we are chronicling each story/scenario as an episode, so there will be fewer cliffhangers and more complete writeups, but fewer (longer) episodes in the season in totem.



A decade has passed since Blake Investigations closed the Pittsburgh Hellmouth and stopped the rise of an ancient and powerful Hyborian sorcerer’s plan to sink the world into an age of darkness. Unfortunately, five years ago another group of paranormal investigators unleashed a new terror, unlike anything the world has ever seen, and the entity known as Cassilda walks the very face of the Earth, seeking a way to bring the rest of her insane “family” to our world.

Now, Blake Investigations must open its doors once more to stand against not only the Hellmouth and the minions of the Great Old Ones, but against the mysterious pantheon of Outer Gods known only as The Shade….

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Welcome! We play every other week (our weekly group switches between two games), but are almost constantly tweaking the site, adding and updating characters, etc. This campaign is a hobby unto itself! We hope you enjoy our exploits!

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