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Nocturnum: Rebirth

Episode 21

In the Hands of the Living God, Part 2

Chronicler: Julie

Episode Synopsis

Fowler’s mansion begins shaking violently, and horrific monsters begin to emerge from every corner. Darrek grabs the map and some of the invitations off of Fowler’s desk and runs for the door. Everyone follows suit, with Matthew, Hilda, and Danny providing cover from the monsters’ attacks.

Yun-Xun and Henry jump out of the car and run towards the mansion. Upon entering, Henry turns green and collapses. Yun-Xun quickly drags him outside.

As the cast heads for the exit, Mack falls and tumbles down the stairs. He quickly gets to his feet, uninjured.

As everyone runs out of the house, it implodes totally. Darrek sees Henry laying on the lawn and helps him to his feet. Darrek, Henry, Matthew, Yun-Xun, and Hilda pile into Darrek’s Rav and head out. Danny and Mack follow on Danny’s motorcycle.

Darrek pulls into the drive-thru at Wendy’s to get Frostys for everyone. Matthew finds an unopened bottle of cheap bourbon in Darrek’s glove compartment and helps himself, then suggests that Darrek give Henry a shot of the stuff to calm his nerves. After taking the crew back to the Hive Arcana, everyone heads home for the night.

Nightmares all around. Matthew awakens in the middle of the night and hears a flapping sound. He, Yun-Xun, and Hilda are all attacked by flying Eldritch horrors. Matthew is picked up and dropped across his loft onto the floor.

Someone begins pounding on the door of the loft. Shortly after the door bursts open and a young, gorgeous woman stands in the doorway…Lorelei. She spouts fangs and long claws and attacks the creatures. She, Matthew, and Hilda manage to drive them away. Matthew quickly realizes that Rebecca is missing and, looking out the window, sees one of the creatures flying away with her.

Lorelei and the group make their introductions. Matthew proceeds to fix his door after a sheepish apology from the vampire. She expresses concern about Yun-Xun and urges Matthew to get medical attention for her.

Darrek’s phone rings, rousing him from sleep. Matthew informs him about the attack. Darrek asks if he should come and tend to Yun-Xun. Matthew tells him to get what sleep he can and come by in the morning.

The next morning, Darrek receives a second phone call, this time from a young British woman. She tells him to meet her and “Ms. Blake” at the library and to feel free to bring any associates he deems trustworthy. Darrek and Henry head to Matthew’s. Darrek stabilizes Yun-Xun using his healing magics, and everyone then heads to the Hive Arcana.

Descending into the library, everyone (except Darrek and Henry) are shocked to see that the shelves in Anita’s library are bare. There is a large, ornate oak door with a modern card reader, palm and print scanners, a retinal scanner, and two ID badges…one for Anita Blake, and one for Dr. Darrek Tinsley. Anita descends the stairs and begins to flip out about the door, which opens, and a young, attractive woman wearing glasses and holding a clipboard steps through and greets the group.

She introduces herself as Kathryn Stoddard, and the rest of the group make their introductions, although she seems well aware of who Anita and Darrek are. She coaches them both through entering their prints and scans first, then the rest of the group in turn, explaining that she will get their badges once they are inside. The oak door swings open to a vast courtyard bustling with people from every era of history imaginable…and not all of them are human. There is a fountain with a pool at the center of the courtyard.

Walking through the courtyard, they enter a massive building. Each room they pass through is unique, with bookshelves wall to ceiling as well as antiques from every era of history imaginable. Finally, Katherine leads them into a quieter room with comfortable furniture. Darrek and Anita quickly realize that the books lining the shelves are Anita’s entire occult library.

Kathryn beams brightly and welcomes them to the Library of Alexandria, informing them that they are in the Anita Blake Special Collections Wing.

She explains that the library is only accessible to those deemed worthy, and that if they agree, they can access the open resources of the entire library, although private collections such as Anita’s require the permission of the owner. Anita can leave ownership of her books to anyone of her choosing upon her death. Kathryn also informs them that if they chose, she will return the books to the Hive and they can walk away, but explains that this is a one-time-only offer. Kathryn also explains that time passes differently in the library than it does in their reality. They realize that she is several hundred years old, but appears as a young woman in her early 20s.

The group immediately dives into exploring the resources of the library, trying to find any information that might help their current predicament.


Memorable Quotes and Great Moments

(After tumbling down the stairs)
“What are you doing up there? C’mon!!”-Mack

“I don’t know about ya’ll, but I almost turned white!”-Mack

“Welcome to Wendy’s! Have you seen the Yellow Sign?”
“Yes, we have seen the Yellow Sign.”-Everyone in the car
“SON OF A BITCH!”-Darrek

Darrek orders Frosties
“Vanilla or chocolate?”
“What is wrong with this country??”-Darrek

Matthew fills his flask with a bottle of bourbon Darrek had stashed in his glove box
“What the bloody hell, man?”-Darrek
“What? You weren’t using it!”-Matthew

To Darrek
“We just found a Shoggoth, for God’s sake! Give the boy a shot of bourbon!”-Matthew

On the Season One blooper reel:
“Matthew hears a flapping sound in the middle of the night.”-Jason
“Flapping or fapping?”-Matthew
Cast and crew erupts into uproarious laughter

To Danny
“The phantom fapper showed up at your door?”-Henry

To Lorelei
“Sorry, I didn’t have time to put pants on.”-Matthew

“And I said, ‘Lord Jesus, it’s a vampire!’”-Robert

“I’m not sure what that was about.”-Matthew
“Have you ever seen ‘Ghostbusters 2’?”-Yun-Xun

Re: Yun-Xun
“Um…this young woman needs medical attention.”-Lorelei

“Hi…I’m Lorelei. I’m staying upstairs.”-Lorelei

Re: Rebecca
“Remember, the cast was going to be sequestered.”-Jason
“And she is!”-Hilda

Matthew calls Darrek
“A vampire kicked in my door.”-Matthew
“It was Lorelei.”-Matthew

“What the hell is this door doing here? That wasn’t here before! DANA!”-Anita

“Welcome to the Library of Alexandria.”-Kathryn
“Get the fuck out of town!”-Anita


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