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Nocturnum: Rebirth

Episode 23

The Fate of the Yellow Sign, Part 1 (Season 1 Finale)

Chronicler: Julie

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Episode Synopsis

Each member of the group experiences frightening visions. Darrek is eating breakfast with Emily and Henry and suddenly everything around them is rotting, including the house itself. Emily and Henry continue to eat, not seeming to notice that their food is rotting. Darrek then watches in horror as Sam enters their dining room, grins at Darrek, and then proceeds to stab Emily repeatedly with large butcher knife. Darrek jumps up from the table, flips it over, and screams. There is a massive swell of Essence which explodes. Emily is knocked back off her chair halfway across the room. Henry rushes over to help her. She and Henry are understandably frightened. Darrek breaks down in tears and apologizes, explaining what he saw.

After cleaning up the mess, Darrek and Henry leave and head to the Hive Arcana. Henry is overwhelmed with joy to see Megan and hugs her. She checks in with him and shares some of the mumblings she has heard about a new play whose premiere is very exclusive. Darrek and Henry ask her to keep her ears open and let them know if she hears anything else. The group agrees that finding out when and where the play is premiering is essential.

Darrek and Henry go to the Library to retrieve Cassilda’s diadem. While there, Darrek again apologizes and reassures Henry that he would never intentionally hurt him or Emily. Coming out of the Library after retrieving the diadem, Darrek’s cell phone rings. It is Dr. Armedt, who asks Darrek and Henry to come by the chapter house.

Arriving at the Pittsburgh Rosicrucian headquarters, Armedt is there with Aimee. Darrek immediately stiffens and crosses his arms over his chest. Armedt explains that they are putting their differences aside for the time being and pledges the full resources of the Rosicrucians to aid the group in their fight against Cassilda. Aimee and Darrek exchange words, and Dr. Armedt intervenes. Darrek warns Aimee to stay away from his wife, and he and Henry take their leave.

As the sun goes down, Darrek heads to Club Inferno (with Henry, who insists on coming along) and asks for a word with Harold Lamont. Lamont appears surprised and gratified to see Darrek, and immediately descends and takes Darrek and Henry into a private meeting area. He offers Darrek a drink, who politely declines and gets straight to the point of asking if he has heard any rumors regarding the play. Lamont denies this, and suggests that they try asking around in the artistic communities. Darrek thanks Lamont for his assistance, and he and Henry take their leave.

The group makes plans to pursue this lead. Megan gets back in touch with Henry and tells him that she has been hearing rumors about a big event Saturday night at the Byham Theater.

The group then begins to plot how to disrupt the performance. They decide on having two attack fronts-one at the play itself, and one at the Point at the Hellmouth. In addition to themselves, they have the resources of the Rosicrucians, Anita and the rest of the Twiight Order, as well as some local Storm Dragons that Yun-Xun was able to make contact with. During their planning Danny repeatedly teases Darrek, who gets very flustered and then angry. He storms outside to take a walk, deciding to visit Harlan and check on Sam, and cools off before returning to the Hive.

The group continues to plan. Anita volunteers to help disrupt the play. Darrek wards the members of the group who will be working to disrupt the play, with the exception of Matthew.


Memorable Quotes and Great Moments

Re: Matthew’s dream
“His sword was in the air, alright!” -Danny

Re: Darrek
“Frumpiness is born, not made.” –Henry
“FRUMPY?! If we weren’t in the middle of an apocalypse, I would so ground you!”-Darrek
“Please do.”-Henry
“Oh, no. You’re not getting off that easy, young man!”-Darrek

Re: Adolescence
“What if we all took LSD? Then we wouldn’t have to worry about whether these horrible things we keep seeing are hallucinations or not…no, wait. You would never go along with that plan, Mr. Frumpypants.”-Henry
“Actually, I’ll have you know I’ve taken LSD before. Several times. I also had a mohawk.”-Darrek
“What? I require photographic evidence. What color was it?”-Henry
“Same as my normal hair color, except I bleached the end bits, and then I dyed them pink.”
“…you had a PINK mohawk?”-Henry
“Yeah. ”-Darrek
“That’s so gay!”-Henry

Re: Henry
“Being a parent is bullshit!”-Darrek

Re: Yun-Xun
“I’m fine, I’m fine.”-Yun-Xun
“You’re full of shit!”-Danny

Re: Tea
“I’d rather have a beer.”-Mack
“Well, too bad. It’s 10 am, you alcoholic!”-Henry

Re: Darrek
“Ehm, Matthew? Could I have a word?”-Darrek
“Like, in private? Up on the roof, perhaps?”-Matthew
“Uh…I guess, okay…”-Matthew
“Um…so, roof?”-Matthew
Turns beet red “No, nevermind.”-Darrek

Re: Hilda
“So, uh…she’s seen me naked, now.”-Matthew
“Of course she has, you whore.”-Anita

Re: The play
“You mind telling me what it is?”-Megan
“A prelude to the Apocalypse.”-Henry
“Oh, one of those.”-Megan

Re: Mack
“Are you saying I’m reckless?”-Mack
“Yes I am. And yes you are.”-Darrek

Re: Henry
“I’m starting to like him more and more.”-Mack

To Matthew “The bells have been wrung, and the horn has been blown. They’re coming.”-Raphael

Re: Going to the library to get the diadem
“I’m sorry about this morning. I hope you know that I would never, ever hurt you or Em.”-Darrek
“I know. Not your fault. I just don’t want her to kill anyone else.”-Henry

Re: A temporary truce
“After, if you want to go back to bloodying each other’s noses…”-Aimee
“Last I checked, you haven’t bloodied my nose.”-Darrek
“Darrek, enough. Right now, we need to unite against the true enemy.”-Dr. Armedt
To Armedt “I couldn’t agree more, Sir.” To Aimee "Stay the hell away from my wife.”-Darrek

Re: The Rosicrucians
“Will they help us?”-Danny
“I don’t trust Aimee as far as I could throw her.”-Darrek

“It’s Cassilda, not Mathilda.”-Jason

“Darrek, I know the answer to this question is always no, but I’m going to ask anyhow…is now the time for arson?”-Henry
“Not yet.”-Darrek
Excited “Ooooh! So that means arson is happening, right?”-Henry


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