Aimee Harris

Black sorceress, betrayer of the Rosicrucians


Height: 5’9"
Weight: 135
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green

Portrayed by: Julianne Moore


Aimee Harris is the second-in-command of the Pittsburgh Rosicrucians, but not by the choice of Dr. Armedt; rather, she has reached her position by being in with the right people in the New York chapel house and through pure power-mongering. She is stiff, tradition-bound, and seeks power and knowledge for their own sake, but has a strong awareness of the dangers of its irresponsible use.

Armedt considers her dangerous to the mission of the Brotherhood in Pittsburgh, though he doesn’t view her as a danger in the sense that she might turn to the Dark Arts; rather, Aimee very clearly has designs on his position and wants to see the Pittsburgh chapel house return to the ways of their secretive brotherhood of librarians, scholars and power brokers in other areas of the world. She feels that the group in Pittsburgh is too active, too involved, and too open and amicable in its dealings with other covenants. New York likes her for these attitudes and a power struggle has begun inside the group as a result.

Darrek has managed to make himself quite unpopular with Aimee, largely due to his blatant defiance of her direct orders, as well as demonstrating fierce and unwavering loyalty to Armedt and Anita Blake.

In her professional dealings, Aimee is distant, but always polite and utterly professional. Even in those rare occasions where she’s making an effort to be kind or ingratiate herself to another, one gets the sense that there’s a seething coldness barely concealed underneath the surface. She’s also suspected to be quite powerful, magically speaking. Armedt certainly considers her a competent adversary, and it’s not just because she’s got friends in New York.


During the Season 1 Finale, Aimee revealed herself as a servant of darkness (which specific franchise of Darkness, nobody is sure yet) when she began to siphon energy off of Cassilda into herself, having gathered a small number of followers from among the Rosicrucians. In the confusion after the defeat of Cassilda, Aimee and her followers vanished into the night. Her current whereabouts are unknown…

Aimee Harris

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