Delia Borgato

Biochemist at UMPC Presby


Delia Borgato is a biochemist at UPMC Presbyterian hospital, an Italian immigrant with a distinctly ethereal quality. She was first introduced to the Cast by Detective Joe Knonaem, as a potential contact for them when issues of medical significance came to the forefront. She has been helpful in analyzing the substance the cast has come to know as “Joker Juice,” but always seems at arm’s length and makes odd remarks such as, “If I believed in that sort of thing, I would guess that this was magic.” To the supernaturally inclined, it is impossible to get a reading as to whether or not she is gifted, so the Cast has chosen to play it close to the vest and take care while in her presence.

In game, Delia is portrayed by actress Phoebe Tonkin.


After the events of Season One, when Delia and her brother were separated from their Carcosan counterparts, both now read as completely Mundane humans, though both are in the know about the supernatural.

Delia Borgato

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