Homunculus Information Broker


Actor: Robin Williams
Age: ???
Height: 5’7"
Weight: A lot heavier than he looks

Character note: Harlan was a cast member/player character from the Nocturnum: Eternus campaign who has been elevated to NPC status for the current game.


Harlan has been around for a very long time. He doesn’t really discuss his past, and it is obvious to anyone who knows him that he’s clearly running from it. Once a true clockwork man, he has made many upgrades over time in order to appear more human.

A former employee of Blake Investigations, Harlan likes to do what he can to help folks who are in trouble. He is an information broker, and recently assisted Danny with staying off of the FBI’s radar when he was wanted for questioning.

Harlan practices a form of Runic magic. He and Darrek have been good friends for many years.


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