Michele Yildhel (Michael)

Daughter of God, Exiled Greater Seraphim, Archangel on the Run


Beautiful, red-haired woman with a smile that is both kind and cruel, and gray eyes that look directly into peoples’ souls.

Height: 5’6"
Weight: 110
Hair: Red
Eyes: Gray
Actress: Nicole Kidman


Michele is the earthly manifestation of the Archangel Michael, the very leader of Heaven’s legions who cast Lucifer into Hell. She is currently in exile and on the run from Heaven. She seems to be constantly one step ahead of Raphael and Uriel, who are on a mission to drag her kicking and screaming back to Heaven for some sleight that none of them will reveal. She has been wandering the Earth for possibly thousands of years, doing good works and aiding the forces of light where she can against the Outer Dark.

As an Exile, Michele does not possess the standard powers of a Greater Seraphim, but has learned to channel powerful magicks to make up for her lost innate abilities. For obvious reasons, her aid almost always comes indirectly as she cannot afford to be discovered by Heaven’s Legions… or Hell’s.

Michele is the mother of Matthew Canaan, but as of yet has not revealed who Matthew’s father is, what happened to him, or how Matthew came to be in the care of the Sentinels (aside from explaining that given her status as a fugitive it was much safer to leave her Nephilim son in the care of mortals than to take him on the run). When he turned 18, Michele came back into Matthew’s life, gifting him with the blessed sword of Charlemagne, also known as Excalibur, and charging him to be a champion of light. She checks in on him as often as possible, but just as often has to suddenly vanish when Raphael or Uriel show up looking for her. As of now, only Anita Blake, Klaus Kaltenbach, John Forsythe, and Cyan Forsythe know of his kinship with Michele… and Lucifer figured it out, albeit in another timeline. Whether Lucifer in this timeline is aware of this fact remains unknown.

Michele Yildhel (Michael)

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