Omar Tinsley

Not-so-tiny doggo


A brindle ball of excitement and adorableness.


Emily successfully talked Darrek into rescuing and adopting a female brindle Pitbull puppy. Emily named her Omar, despite Darrek’s multitudinous protests.

Omar when she first came home.

Omar’s presence has been extremely therapeutic for everyone in the Tinsley household, especially Darrek, despite his grumpiness about having to housetrain her. Her many talents include running around the house, spinning around in circles, making funny noises, jumping, and licking people’s faces. Omar just recently “found” her bark, during an event when a villain placed venomous snakes in Darrek and Henry’s beds.


Likes: Taking her humans for a walk, Darrek’s lap, dog parks, playtime and cuddles with Henry, sleeping sprawled out on Darrek and Emily’s bed, treats, butterflies, baths, belly rubs, peanut butter, apples, cheese, riding in the car, music, and her Kongs (she has them in every color of the rainbow, and in multiple shapes and sizes).

Dislikes: Going to the vet, thunderstorms, when Darrek and Emily shut her out of their bedroom, unannounced CYF caseworker home visits, when political ads come on the tv, and the neighbors’ chihuahua (he is mean and steals her toys).

Omar also seems to have a darker side. Though she reads as a mundane animal, she speaks (English) to Darrek, usually making cryptic and ominous statements like, “They’re never going to believe you, anyway,” then refusing to explain herself. For a time, Darrek thought this was a manifestation of his own subconscious, until Omar also spoke to Anita, and Anita’s Bast, Moriarty, is terrified of the dog.

For now, Omar’s true nature is completely unknown, but she has proven herself loyal to the Tinsley household.

Omar Tinsley

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