Rebecca Walton

Human actress who may or may not be a reincarnated Camilla


Age: 34
Height: 5’6"
Weight: 121 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Gold-flecked hazel

A smart and witty young woman who always has a semi-mischievous grin on her face, but seems to care deeply about people and has a trusting soul. She comes across as well-traveled and worldly, and yet idealistic at the same time. She’s filled with a general enthusiasm and lust for life. She also seems to have just about everything in common with Matthew.

She may or may not be the reincarnation of Camilla.

Rebecca is portrayed by actress Kate Hudson.


Little is known about the beautiful young woman named Rebecca Walton, aside from the fact that she appeared at the Hive Arcana one morning, shortly after the Cast had been given their “Hastur Files” Dossier which pointed to a young woman who looks exactly like her showing up before or during every incursion on record; the files suspect her to be a reincarnation of the Camilla figure of the play; they are, however, unclear as to whether this mysterious figure is an evil entity or a goodly balancing factor, or even a neutral part of what is going on.

At first intrigued by this connection, Matthew chose to strike up a conversation with her. He learned that Miss Walton is an actress, in town as part of a cast for some secret play, for which none of them have even been given the script yet. The writers, they’re told, are still polishing it, but they’ve all been promised that it would be a career-changing role, and she’s getting to know the city in expectation of being here for awhile as she awaits the script completion. She also told Matthew that even if she knew, she was bound by a non-disclosure agreement and couldn’t tell him anything about it, anyway.

The news was not good news to the Cast, who are operating on the assumption of what the play might be. Still, Matthew found himself somewhat charmed by Rebecca’s disarming nature. She seems to be a Mundane with a possible spark of Gifted potential buried somewhere far deep inside. He chatted with her awhile and then found himself asking her out to dinner.

The following information is known about Rebecca:

  • She is 34 years old
  • She is from Wisconsin
  • Both of her parents, Jeanne and Bill, still live there.
  • She had an older sister who she never knew (she died as an infant)
  • She goes by her full name and won’t answer to “Becca,” “Becky,” “Becks,” or any other shortened form of it (though, “Miss Rebecca,” she likes to tease, is just fine).
  • She loves to read and enjoys film and theatre.
  • She and Matthew share the same tastes in music, literature and entertainment
  • She doesn’t want to talk about politics…yet.

The two of them have now begun a romantic relationship, with her seeming to be everything he’s ever looked for in a woman…

Rebecca’s Fate

At the end of season 1, the cast managed to stop Cassilda’s manifestation and the coming of Carcosa, and at the same time managed to save Rebecca, who has consequently not become Camilla. She is currently an aspiring actress living in Pittsburgh who continues her relationship with Matthew, and is living a relatively normal and happy life. She has adapted well to the revelation of a supernatural world, which may or may not be due to her former status as the reincarneded Camilla. The Cast, for a change, got a happy ending on this one.

Rebecca Walton

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