Sebastian Powell

Kindred Prince of Pittsburgh, Clan Ventrue


Height: 6’2"
Weight: 205
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue

Portrayed by: Benedict Cumberbatch


Sebastian Powell is an extremely wealthy businessman with offices in the PPG Tower. He is the head of a major multinational corporation which is diversified into dozens of fields. He is also a moroi vampire and one of the Kindred, a member of clan Ventrue. Sebastian for nearly 200 years has served as the Prince of Pittsburgh, since the Industrial Revolution. He has seen the city weather dark times and light, and all manner of evils both mortal and supernatural.

Sebastian believes very strongly in the Masquerade and takes his responsibility to maintain it deadly seriously. He also believes in the superiority of the Kindred over all other races and is arrogant in an old-world aristocratic style. He tends to issue orders and commands instead of requests, no matter who he’s talking to, and is not above employing his considerable resources to remove those he considers a threat or adversary, short of those actions that would result in a war.

Though an erstwhile ally of the Cast, Sebastian is in no way “friendly” towards them—any relations he has with them are those of convenience. He does not consider himself a threat to them and expects the same. Despite his considerable power and age, he has a disturbing tendency to yield to Amara Dolunay, which only adds to her mystery and sense of power…

Sebastian Powell

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