Demon sorcerer


Height: Over 7 feet tall
Build: Exceptionally slender and long
Eyes: Black
Hair: Bald
Actor: Carel Struycken

Mode of Dress: Silas almost always dresses in robes with fancy, alien print and script. These have a distinctly clerical vibe to them.


Silas is a demon and exceptionally powerful mage, especially in the areas of divination, warding and protective magicks. He claims that it is a function of his heritage and bloodline, though he won’t say anymore than that and nobody’s sure exactly what species of demon he is. He also claims to have been a high priest in his home dimension, though he only speaks of that place in brief, passing mentions. Aside from these snippets, he says only that his world has a green sun which never sets.

Silas made the acquaintance of Anita Blake through mutual contacts many years ago and has served as both a friend to the Hive Arcana and an independent contractor.

He is responsible for the warding magics on both the Hive Arcana and the Lava Lounge, and can sometimes be found nursing odd-looking beverages in either location. He does not go to Club Apocalypse under any circumstances; to this end he will only reveal that he and Hubert “have a history,” and that neither wishes the other around.

Silas has an amicable and calming persona and can be a very engaging and enlightening person (for lack of a better word) with whom to talk. Don’t let that fool you, however: he is (and will readily admit to being) evil to the core. He simply likes the Earth and has a vested interest in keeping it around, and in keeping himself alive.

When talking with Silas it’s important to remember that some of the nicest people in history…have been pure psychopaths. It’s best to deal with him on a professional level, for he’s got a high degree of honor, and just hope that he comes to like you on a personal one. Still, he’s been seen having long and intense discussions and debates with Sandra, Father Bob, and even, on occasion Darrek and Matthew at the Hive Arcana over issues of religion and philosophy.


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