Metaphysics Rules

House rules for incorporation of metaphysics from the Cthulhu mythos, WitchCraft, Buffy, Ghosts of Albion and other sources include:

  • Sorcery: Sorcery is equated to Taint in the WitchCraft rules, and with the magic of the Great Old Ones. As usual, it can be used to augment casting rolls, but any time Sorcery is used, the spell requires a Madness Check with a penalty equal to the success levels on the casting roll, or the caster takes 1 Madness Point. Some spells are Sorcery-specific and cannot be cast through other means of magic. All spells in the Buffy and Angel RPGs are Sorcery spells—even if they are otherwise beneficial.
  • Magic: Magic is represented by the Magic Quality in Ghosts of Albion. It works identically to Sorcery but is “white” magic, after a fashion. Any character wishing to play a spell caster uses Ghosts of Albion rules, with the Associations rules from the Buffy Magic Box sourcebook. Rather than Invocations, all effects are individual spells, which means they should be created using the Ghosts of Albion rules for spell research..
  • Psychic Powers: Psychic powers are purchased as supernatural abilities through Angel or Ghosts of Albion and require the purchase of the 5-point Gifted Quality as a prerequisite. Alternately, they can be imported directly from WitchCraft (Strength and Art) with no alterations necessary.
  • Divine Inspiration: Inspired need to purchase the 5-point Divine Inspiration Quality and then purchase Miracles as standard. Miracles work via a Simple Willpower Test, and their effects are dependent upon success levels and Willpower of the user.
  • Chi Abilities: Chi Abilities per Enter the Zombie exist. To use them, the martial artist must purchase the Chi Focus Special Skill at 2 points per level to level 5, and 5 points per level thereafter (after character creation, cost is twice (next level plus one). Thus, going from level 3 to 4 via experience costs 10 points).

To activate an ability, the character rolls Willpower and Chi Focus, and must achieve success levels equal to the power’s cost to buy (thus, a 1-point power requires 1 success level to activate; a 3 point power needs 3 success levels, etc.) Additional success levels beyond that need to activate the power extend its usage. For example, Hurricane Kicks requires 3 success levels to activate; activation grants one additional kick at no penalty. If the user nets 5 successes, they gain three additional kicks.

Multiple powers can be activated in this manner, taking multi-action penalties as standard, though multi-action penalties for activating chi powers are tracked separately from actual multi-action penalties. Thus, activating three chi powers gives you a 0, -2, -4 penalty to your roll. Moving back to your regular actions uses the same original die roll, but doesn’t count the chi penalties against your action penalties.

  • Ferals: Werebeasts have access to abilities from the World of Darkness: Werewolf: the Apocalypse RPG and sourcebooks. To use these abilities, they must purchase the special skill Gnosis (cost the same as Chi Focus) as well as purchasing abilities at a cost of 5 points per level, to level 5 and 10 points thereafter. The system is a Willpower + Gnosis Test, requiring success levels equal to the power level of the ability being invoked. Again, variable damage or effects are based on success levels and Willpower.
  • Necromancy: Necromancy works exactly as Feral abilities, above, but uses the Necromancy special skill and Necromancy abilities from WitchCraft


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