Nocturnum: Rebirth Renewed for Season 2

The Network has officially renewed Nocturnum: Rebirth for a second season! Now in development, season 2 will revisit our heroes some time after the events of Season 1, when the Hellmouth becomes active again. This season our heroes will face something that hasn’t been seen yet in the Nocturnumverse – a good old-fashioned vampire conspiracy.

In Season one, it was revealed that Amara Dolunay had gone missing. Where is she? Why are Strigoi vampires suddenly manifesting the powers of the Kindred? What are the mysterious Culebras, and how does it all tie together with the coming apocalypse and the disturbing dreams of an horrific Blood God currently being suffered by the Slayer? Stay tuned to find out, folks!

Season 2 Trailer

Season 2 Credits

Enjoy our Soundtrack for Season 2!


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