The Kindred


Also known as Moroi, the Kindred are a species of “ensouled vampires” that are separate and distinct from the Strigoi, or demonic vampires that generally populate the world. Not every vampire with a soul is a moroi—indeed, Spike and Angel are notable examples of ensouled strigoi.

When a strigoi dies, their soul leaves the body and is replaced by a fragment of a demon, which raises the body as a black, twisted parody of the personality it once had. Moroi, on the other hand, are true undead. They die to their mortal life, but their soul remains trapped within their body, and they rise anew, with eternal life, so long as they feed on human Essence, usually in the form of blood.

Kindred, also known as Cainites as they believe that Caine, the brother of Abel, was the first vampire, vacillate between struggling to hold onto their humanity and allowing their bestial nature to surface that they may gain in age and power. The core reason for this struggle is that the passage between life and death inexorably alters the vampire, tying a part of a demon (known as the “curse of Caine”) to their soul, which drives them to bestial actions of depravity.

No one really knows the true source or nature of this demon, but the drives it imparts are common to all vampires. Some, such as the Sabbat, give into this bestial nature and seek to rule and subjugate humankind. Others, known as anarchs, indulge the beasts and cause havoc and chaos wherever they go. Still others, the Camarilla, believe that strict order, law and civilization are the key to manipulating the humans, cementing their power, and battling against the beast. Finally, there are the Independents who vascillate between the extremes. Pittsburgh has roughly equal presence between all of the factions, which exist in an uneasy truce.

There are apparently thirteen “clans” of Kindred, which appear to be analagous to the various Covenants of the living. So far the only ones that have been named have been Ventrue, Ravnos, Tremere, Lasombra, Assamite, Setite and Salubri. Each clan has its own powers, known as Disciplines, which are as broad and varied as the mystical arts wielded by human beings.

The character of Amara Dolunay, who has been around since the original campaign, was recently revealed to a few of the Cast to be an Antediluvian, one of the third generation of vampires and the progenitor of Clan Ravnos. For obvious reasons, she seeks to keep this knowledge quiet and though she lives like a rock star, works hard to make sure that the others of her generation remain in eternal slumber, never awakening lest they bring about Gehenna, the Vampire apocalypse. The extent of Amara’s abilities are unknown, but as an antediluvian they are likely nigh godlike. She is currently known among the vampire community as the Ravnos Justicar and ambassador to the Camarilla.

As repayment of a favor to Anita and working closely with the powerful necromancer, Amara recently sired her first vampire in hundreds of years, returning Lorelei Matthews to life after the girl had been dead for 16 years.

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The Kindred

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