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Nocturnum: Rebirth

The Yellow Sorcerer

A Nocturnum: The Pittsburgh Chronicles TV Movie

Rated TV-MA for strong language, sexual situations, violence, and nudity. Viewer discretion is advised.

Note: The scenarios upon which this adventure was based are “Erasmus Dein” and “The Graveyard Man,” which can be found in Pinnacle Publishing’s The Savage Foes of Solomon Kane sourcebook for the Savage World of Solomon Kane Roleplaying Game.

Chronicler: Julie

Previously on Nocturnum: Rebirth

  1. Herald of the Yellow Sign
  2. Episode Five
  3. Before You Go…

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Pre-Credits Cut Scene

The girl shivered. Her skin grew more pallid and jaundiced by the day. The man’s drawn face showed a trace of worry as he lay her down and pulled blankets over her.

“So…cold,” she said.

“I know, Love,” he said, and smoothed back her hair. “I’m sorry you’re going through this. It’ll be over, soon.”

“Why…are…you…doing this?”

“I wish it weren’t necessary,” he said. “But I’ve been wronged.” He stood and strode over to the window, looking out over the barren city streets. “And I’ve wronged others. It’s time to put an end to all of this. Finally, after all these years.”

“They won’t come,” she coughed, a dry, rasping cough. A sort of black ichor wet her lips. “Why would they? I’m already dead. I don’t even have a body anymore.”

He turned, a half smile on his face. “To save your life. A rather delicious irony, isn’t it? But yes, Love. They will come. They will come because you’ve been their responsibility for the gods know how many years, in so many ways.” He looked back out the window. “And they’ll come for me.”

He turned and strode to the door. Before he left, he indicated the desiccated figure slumped motionless across the room. “I hope you don’t mind your company. It seems disrespectful somehow to move the body. Rest, now. Soon, things will be right once again.”

He left her, alone again in the cold.

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Movie Synopsis

The reunion begins with Anita, Sandra, Drake, and Klaus on the road together in Anita’s old black Ford Explorer driving to Ohio to pick up John. After several hours they reach the Columbus Zoo, where John was adamant about meeting them. As they walk through the zoo looking for him, Anita buys a large bag of cotton candy which she shares with Sandra.

Klaus is insistent on the group seeing the quokkas (a word made even more ridiculous when said repeatedly by a man with a heavy German accent), the happiest animals in the world, before getting back onto the road to make their way to Miners Mill, Indiana. Enamored of his new IPhone 7, Drake asks for a selfie with Anita.

She obliges but sticks up her middle finger during the picture, bitter when she discovers that Drake’s cell phone technology seriously outmatches her own. She asks him if he’s going to post the picture on Facebook and he stares blankly at her…some things never change


John (being John) insists on bringing his own fully supplied and well-prepared vehicle instead of just piling into Anita’s SUV with the rest of the crew.

A Town Under Quarantine

They eventually reach Miners Mill and quickly discover that the entire town is in active quarantine.

Government and military officials are everywhere and the crew is informed unequivocally that they cannot enter the quarantine area. John attempts to use his influence and knowledge of inner workings of the military to talk the general in charge into allowing the group access but is unsuccessful.

He does learn that two teams of Marines were sent into the quarantine area and have utterly disappeared, as have several helicopters and planes flying over the area, so a no-fly zone has been instituted as well. John and Anita pull their cars over and are contemplating their next move, while Klaus uses his unique abilities to see the truth of the quarantine zone…which appears to be some sort of tear in reality leading to another world.

John puts in a call to his government contacts to get them access and is told it can be done but it’ll take some time to work through the chain of command. As the group discuss their next move, a red 1980 Trans Am comes flying through the checkpoint, completely unnoticed.

The driver of the Trans Am is Amara, much to everyone’s surprise. She pulls over, parks next to Anita, and gets out. The group witness something they always knew about her but have never had to witness as she brutally drains a soldier and hurls him across the fence line, at which point he vanishes from sight. She explains that cloaking herself to that degree requires a lot of energy.

She and Drake share a moment getting reacquainted. Amara then offers her assistance with getting the group past the quarantine checkpoint unseen, explaining that while she’ll do whatever she can to help, she cannot afford to directly jeopardize her safety, as it would also risk the un-lives of the multiple generations of Moroi she has sired.


With Amara assisting everyone with the exception of Klaus (who is able to conceal himself using his abilities), the group walks in absolutely unnoticed. Amara casually grabs another soldier on the way in, drains him and discards his body. The group is intensely uncomfortable at having seen this twice from her.

Welcome to a Dead City

The group walks for miles down a cobblestone road. The stink of Lyssicus permeates the air and there is no sense of Essence at all. Amara re-iterates her need to refrain from placing herself in danger as much as possible, and Klaus points out that besides her childer, there is no Essence here to replenish her ability to walk around, nor are there victims upon whom to feed. Amara nods, grim.

After a few hours the group enters a vast city whose buildings appear to be of varying styles ranging from the late Middle Ages into the 1700s. Gothic spires are juxtaposed with Greco-Roman columns and mud and daub huts. In the deathly silent streets, they see skeletons scattered about everywhere, some in pieces, others with gaping holes in their skulls. To their right lies a vast lake, so large that they cannot see the other side.

Upon those unseen far shores (or is it on the lake itself?) rises a cyclopean city whose towers seem to rise behind the twin moons in the sky. A collective shudder goes through the group at the general vista surrounding them.

Anita suddenly senses something deeply unnatural that doesn’t belong. She realizes after a few moments that it has to be Lorelei, but keeps this to herself. She can also sense that there are other humans elsewhere in the area, which she does mention. John responds that they are likely the two teams of Marines the general mentioned had disappeared.

As they walk, Sandra makes a comment about just wanting her Lorelei back. Anita tells her gently that this is likely not possible, and Amara puts her hand on Anita’s shoulder, makes eyes contact with her, and shakes her head. Out of Sandra’s earshot, as they discuss the situation at hand, Klaus says quietly to Anita that the Reapers would probably love nothing more than to get their hands on Alan for his gross violation of The Rules in tearing Lorelei’s spirit out of the Death Realms. Anita’s eyes light up and she grins, grabs Klaus, and kisses him on the cheek, to his surprise.

As they continue walking, Anita suddenly hears Alan whispering in her ear, and can feel his breath on her cheek. He says, “We must talk, Love. I’m glad you’re here.” She jumps and is (understandably) shaken by the experience. The rest of the group does their best to offer her support.

Drake asks for another selfie with her in front of the twin moons hanging low in the sky. John pulls out his flask and offers Anita a nip to take the edge off, which she gladly accepts. He also offers it to Sandra but she declines, reminding him that she doesn’t drink. Drake then offers Sandra his own flask, which is filled with strong tea instead of alcohol. She smirks and thanks him.

Erasmus Dein

Finally, the group arrives at a large fountain. Everyone can see a spirit hanging above it, which Anita immediately recognizes with her Necromancy is not remotely human. She questions the spirit, and it informs the group that it has been sent by its master, Erasmus Dein, who has a proposal of mutual assistance and would like to speak with them if they are willing to hear his offer. Realizing that they have nothing else to go on at this point, they agree, and the spirit leads them further into the town, to a small shop.

Clocks hang everywhere, and a man who appears to be in his sixties wearing clockmaker’s goggles greets them. Anita again senses that he is not remotely human. There is a wooden casket on the far wall of the shop, with a wooden woman with vines wrapped around her laid out inside. The group also notices that the man has some wooden parts as well. He introduces himself as Erasmus Dein, and explains that he and his wife were victims of a curse long ago which is the reason he is seeking the group’s assistance.

There is an artifact called ‘The Woman Enchained’ that he requires. He says that this artifact also possesses the power to allow the group to return to their world, and that if they assist him with acquiring it, he will give it to them after using it to restore his wife.

He references Alan and explains that because of the nature of the energy (Lyssicus) of this place, Alan is basically invulnerable, so in order for the group to be able to successfully defeat him, they will need to get him back to Earth first. Anita asks where exactly they are, and he informs the group that there are currently in what was once the city of Yhtill on the world of Hastur.

The group agrees to this proposal, and he instructs them as to the location of the artifact. As they are walking down the long road to the castle where it is, John and Drake notice that there are guns trained on the group from above which are revealed to belong to one of the aforementioned teams of Marines. A brief standoff occurs with the marines firing warning shots and ordering the group to disarm until John identifies himself using his military rank, at which point the men cautiously emerge to report on their situation.

John quickly takes control of the situation and explains that they are specialists in dealing with the supernatural and other unexplained phenomena. They inform him that there are creatures roaming the streets of the city that killed several members of their team, and likely all of the members of the other team of Marines that preceded them. He sends them to Erasmus Dein’s shop and tells them to wait there for them to return with the artifact.


Anita’s madness gets the best of her. She suddenly begins to obsess about wanting a cup of coffee and gets herself so worked up that she starts crying and shaking. Sandra consoles her and agrees that she could really go for a cup as well. Klaus makes use of the bottled water John brought and mixes instant coffee packets into it and gives it to them.

Suddenly, there is a massive swell of the alien Lyssicus energy, and Anita disappears. Sandra loses it and begins freaking out, yelling, “Mom? Where are you? Mom?! MOM?!!” Amara puts her hand on Sandra’s shoulder and calms her using her abilities to influence and manipulate emotions. Klaus acknowledges everyone’s substantial concerns but reflects that ultimately Anita would want them to continue their mission, and they all agree. Entering the castle, John notices two sets of footprints, one steady and one less so (assumed to belong to Alan and Lorelei) and the group follows the trail up the stairs.

The Yellow Sorcerer

Anita opens her eyes and finds that she has been transported to a mansion on the other side of Yhtill. Looking out the window, she can see the castle where she was only a moment before. She is in a woman’s bedroom. There is a large, lavish bed with an elegant, red evening gown laid out upon it and an invitation which says, “Please join me downstairs for dinner,” written in very familiar handwriting.

Deciding that the best course of action is to play along and see what information she can glean, Anita changes into the gown, which fits her perfectly. She carefully straps on and conceals her knives underneath the dress and pulls her hair up as best she can. She checks herself in an old, dusty mirror before making her way down the stairs to the dining room.


Alan is there, waiting. He rises to his feet and greets her: “Hello at long last, my love. You look beautiful.”

There is food laid out on the table and he nervously invites her to join him, which she does. He asks her if she knows how long he has been in the Dreamlands. Understanding that time works differently there, Anita asks him if he means how long it has been on Earth, and informs him it has been about ten years. He tells her that for him, it has been much longer…literally thousands of years. Anita asks him point blank if he made a deal with Cassilda in order to escape from the Dreamlands.

He meets her eyes and says softly, “Yes. Anita, I had to. And now I need your help. I’m playing a very dangerous game.” He explains that he brought her here because he has a plan that, if successful, should pull Cassilda back to Hastur and trap her back here permanently…but in order to cast the ritual that will allow him to do this, he needs a powerful necromancer who can hold back the entity he calls ‘The Graveyard Man’ who will be coming with a small army to drag him back to the Dreamlands.

He says that the ritual is very complicated and involves drawing power from the Yellow King (another alien being from this reality) and the Graveyard Man in order to overpower Cassilda and trap her in Hastur, transport the group back to Earth, and seal the gateway between Hastur and Earth permanently.

Anita shakes her head and remarks, “You are so unbelievable. You have no idea what you’re asking me to do.” He says, “I know exactly what I’m asking…and I know that I have no right, after everything I’ve put you through.”

Anita demands to know why he has torn Lorelei’s spirit from the Death Realms, why he murdered everyone in Miners Mill, and why he didn’t tell her all of this before. He explains that a cult actually caused all of the deaths in Miners Mill and that he merely took advantage of the situation. Otherwise, he points out, why would he have come back so far from Pittsburgh?

He calls Lorelei is a “good faith offering,” to show her and the rest of the group that he’s telling the truth and reveals that the power from ritual he needs to perform will also allow him to completely restore her. He leads Anita over to the window and tells her, “Your friends will soon find her lying in a bed in that castle, completely unharmed.” He points across the city to the castle where Anita previously was.


Anita asks Alan what his long term plan is if the ritual succeeds and he returns to Pittsburgh. He looks at her and says softly, “Perhaps finally have a chance at a normal life?” She is shocked speechless, realizing that he is hinting at the possibility of reconciliation between them.

He tells her that if they are successful, he intends to turn himself over to the Rosicrucians and accept whatever punishment they deem appropriate for his crimes. If the ritual doesn’t work, he says, the Graveyard Man will return him to Nodens’ eternal prison in the Dreamlands and the group will be no worse off than they were before coming here. Anita reflects that the Rosicrucians (and quite possibly the rest of the group) may kill him outright, and he responds, “If that is their judgment, then so be it.”

He looks at her and says, “I know I’ve done horrible, unforgivable things, Anita. I take full responsibility and make no excuses for any of that…but this is my one chance to make it right, after all of this time.”

Anita comments that he almost killed her and he looks sad, stating that he didn’t anticipate how big the backlash would be when she pulled him and Lorelei free from the Threshold, and apologizes for hurting her. His words carry a double entendre, and they look at each other in silence for a long time. Alan begins to speak to her several times, but ultimately swallows his words and falls quiet, gazing at her. Finally he asks her, “Shall I send you back to your friends, now?” and Anita nods. He tells her that he will await her decision, but advises her that time is short.

Meanwhile, Back at the Castle

Meanwhile, the group discovers Lorelei (exactly where Alan said they would), looking grey, near death, and dressed in the same dress she died in thirteen years earlier. In the room with her sitting in a chair next to the bed is the mummified corpse of a woman with a golden diadem on her head and the remains of a featureless mask shattered at her feet on the floor. From various pieces of information they have gathered thus far, the group deduces this to be the original body of the queen of this city…Cassilda.

Sandra exclaims, “Oh my God, Lorelei, baby, oh my God!” and rushes over to the bed. The two embrace and share a long, passionate kiss, which makes Klaus distinctly uncomfortable.

John continues to focus on the footprints, which lead up to the bed. He then sees one set (Alan’s) leading away from the bed, and then they disappear. As he watches them trail back through the doorway of the room, everyone feels another massive swell of Lyssicus and Anita suddenly reappears, still wearing the red evening gown. She looks at John and says, “He’s not here.”


Anita sees Lorelei and walks over to the bed. Gently moving Sandra aside, she calls upon her Necromancy and uses her powers to enhance Lorelei’s current form as much as she can. Lorelei appears to be transformed back to life before everyone’s eyes. She looks at Anita, who simply says, “Hi.” Lorelei then returns to reuniting with Sandra.

Anita explains to everyone what Alan is offering. She is visibly embarrassed as the group stares in shock at her and laments, “Believe me, guys, I never thought in a million years that I would be standing here advocating that we should listen to anything he has to say…but in this case I really think we should.”

Drake agrees. While the rest of the group argues about why this is a Really Terrible Idea, Anita asks Drake what he thinks and asks him to be honest with her. He tells her that if Alan is lying and tries to screw them (again), he will pay for his betrayal with his life…but if he’s telling the truth, it’s a chance to help stop what is happening in Pittsburgh from spreading further.

Anita thanks him for his wisdom and, as always, for having her back. The group eventually concurs that while working with Alan is taking a big risk, the potential benefits of Cassilda being forced back to Hastur and Lorelei being restored would be well worth it if the ritual succeeds. Klaus reminds the group of their promise to Erasmus Dein, and they agree that they will fulfill their part of the bargain, as they may still need to use the artifact to get themselves and Alan home if it turns out he is lying to them.


A Woman (Sort of) Enchained

The group descends to the basement of the castle and finds a beautiful woman, who is clearly a vampire in full game-face, wrapped in chains. Amara’s eyes widen and she says, “Brigitte?” to which the woman responds, “Amara. It’s been a long time.” She introduces the woman as Brigitte de Rais, a rather ancient strigoi vampire and powerful sorceress to boot.


She tells them that Erasmus Dein intends to use her power for Major Badness—specifically to raise Erasmus’ wife as a powerful demon under the sorcerer’s control. Amara vouches that Brigitte is generally not a liar and her honesty can be trusted. As the group talks with Brigitte, the team of Marines shows back up with Erasmus Dein and train their guns on the group from above. One of them calls out, “Bring her up and do what you were hired to do, Sarge.”

Naturally, combat ensues. Amara and Sandra take up protective positions in front of Lorelei. Klaus and Drake kill two of the six Marines outright, who Anita consequently raises as zombies, which she then commands to attack the remaining soldiers. Two more marines fall as Klaus engages Erasmus, nearly going down from Erasmus’ brutal magical attacks. John uses a magical spear and stabs the sorcerer repeatedly, ending him. The rest of the Marines collectively surrender.

A Mirror Darkly

The group and Brigitte then make their way back across the city to the mansion. Entering, they can all see Alan standing in the middle of a grand spiral staircase. He holds up his hands and cautiously greets the rest of the group (the ones whom he knows, anyhow). Anita climbs the stairs past him and goes to change back into her regular clothes and get the rest of her guns. He then leads them to the room where he has been preparing the ritual.

The furniture has been moved clear, and there are elaborate circles with alien sigils painted around them all over the floor. When he points to one of the circles and instructs Lorelei to step into it, she looks at Anita and Sandra with uncertainty, but complies. The group takes up defensive positions around Alan and Anita. Brigitte murmurs to Klaus that something feels wrong about this whole setup.


Alan begins the ritual, and almost immediately Drake spots an ethereal woman draped in white floating down the road towards the mansion, flies buzzing into and out of her empty eye-sockets. Anita senses that she is made of the very essence of the Death Realms, more powerful even than the Reapers. The woman is closely followed by a small army of creatures: demonic, undead-looking monstrosities and creatures that resemble humanoid goats.

From far in the distance across the vast lake, a spot of yellow light appears and begins to grow rapidly as it approaches the mansion at impossible speeds: the King in Yellow itself is coming to investigate the display of power in this dead city…and almost instantly, Alan taps into its power as well, drawing it into himself and using it in his spell.

The Graveyard “Man” floats up and in through the window. With a Herculean effort, Anita manages to bring her necromantic powers to bear to hold the creature in place as John, Klaus, and Drake move to engage with the creatures. Lorelei suddenly screams and begins convulsing, and Brigitte yells, “Something is really not right about this!” as she begins to cast a spell of her own.

As the Graveyard spirit crumples before Anita’s eyes, she hears Amara grunt behind her and gasp, “He’s draining me! My children!” Realizing that she’s been played by Alan, yet again, her face turns to steel and she spins around, throwing all of her power at him in a righteous fury. It doesn’t kill him, but the energy of the ritual is interrupted for a few seconds. At that very moment, as the power is interrupted, Lorelei stops convulsing and sits bolt upright, her eyes completely black.

The energy Alan is drawing upon splits and part of it begins to go into Brigitte’s spell casting. Anita recalls her earlier statement about being able to get the group home to Earth, but needing access to incredible power in order to do it. Sandra draws her sword of holy fire and attacks Alan. His brutal sorcerous counterattack almost kills her.

The King in Yellow draws nearer, visible now as an horrific, distinctly humanoid form clothed in tattered robes, a crown resembling great antlers sprouting from its forehead, but with only darkness where its face should be. Its sheer power is overwhelming and terror grips all present.

Drake attempts desperately to grapple Alan and is blasted by Eldritch energy across the room and into the wall. John attacks with his magic spear, and manages to partially penetrate his shield. Lorelei crouches low to the ground and hisses at Alan. Anita can sense that whatever is driving the walking dead girl is not remotely human. She points to Alan and tells Lorelei, “He belongs to Nodens.”

Just before the King in Yellow arrives on the scene, Brigitte gives a sadistic sneer at Alan and says, “I’ve got you, you son of a bitch,” as her spell completes.

The entire building they are in shakes, and all of the Lyssicus dissipates to be suddenly replaced by Essence. The sun shines brightly through the window, and the King in Yellow is nowhere to be seen, nor felt. Brigitte, caught in the sunlight, screams and dives for cover.

After getting her bearings and realizing they are back on Earth, where Alan is vulnerable, Anita uses ‘A Taste of Death’ on Alan, jumps on top of him, pulls out a nasty looking knife, and plunges it into him. He screams and redirects his magical attacks to drain Amara, who is growing weaker by the second.

Drake picks Amara up and performs a series of Incredible Hulk leaps to get her to safety. “Lorelei” grabs Alan by the face. There is a massive surge of Essence and he screams again and begins smoking. John stabs him again with his spear. Drake returns and unleashes a fury of blows on the sorcerer but leaves him barely conscious. Klaus then contorts himself and grapples Alan completely, leaving a small opening over his heart, offering him to Anita.

Anita steps forward, puts her hand on his chest, and meets his eyes one last time as she calls upon her necromancy to completely unravel his soul. His final words to her are a barely audible whisper: “It would have worked.” His body crumbles to a desiccated husk on the floor.

An Impossible Thing

Drake leaps away to check on Amara. He tells her it’s over and she entreats him to get her back to the mansion (which is now a simple farmhouse), fast. He complies.

John uses one of his Keys of Solomon to heal Sandra. Lorelei says in a voice that is distinctly not her own, “We are finished,” and crumples to the floor, black ichor oozing from her mouth.

Sandra rushes over to her, crying, “No, no, no!”

As Drake and Amara return, Amara produces an urn. She looks at Anita and says, “These are her ashes. She will need a body. She is the actual reason that I came, but I’m going to need you to hold her here. Whatever happens, don’t let her go.”

She opens the ashes and pours them out over Lorelei’s rapidly fading spiritual form, and slips into the Threshold. Anita is able to hold Lorelei’s soul while Amara guides her soul back into the newly solidifying body on the floor. The vampire embraces Lorelei and gives the girl what she always wanted…she is made into a moroi vampire. Amara explains that they will have to remain there for some time while Lorelei recuperates, and comments that Lorelei is going to be extremely powerful. She promises to take care of her. Sandra is speechless. Anita collapses from exhaustion.

When the group demands an explanation from Amara about everything they’ve seen her do, she reveals a secret that she has decided they’ve earned. Her true name is Ravnos, and she is one of the second generation of moroi ever to be sired by Caine, the First Vampire. She is the only one of her generation still walking around; the rest are in a kind of vampiric hibernation and she intends to keep it that way, because the prophecy is that disaster will follow should they ever wake.

As for her, no one must ever know who she really is, for if they did she’d be hunted by every demon and supernatural in the world for her power, and if she dies, so do all of her childer. So far as the world knows, she says, Ravnos died in the sun tens of thousands of years ago. The group agree her secret is better left unrevealed. She shakes John’s hand and tells him Odin sends his regards…a reference to adventures shared many years before.


Later, as they stand together on the shore of the lake watching Alan’s remains burn on a Viking-style funeral pyre, Sandra turns to Anita with tears in her eyes and says, “I’m staying here. I mean, I’m not coming back to Pittsburgh with you. There’s just too much pain for me there. I can’t do it anymore. I hope you understand.” She pulls out two letters and asks Anita if she will deliver them to Father Bob and Darrek.

Anita nods, fiercely embraces her, and murmurs, “Keep your phone on, honey.”

Sandra responds, “Always.” She also pulls the golden diadem out of her bag wrapped in a cloth and hands it to Anita. “I snagged this when we were in the castle, I thought it might be helpful.”

Before the group departs Miners Mill, Anita embraces John, much to his surprise, and thanks him for his assistance. She asks after Cyan and the twins, and tells him not to be a stranger. Drake and Klaus return to Pittsburgh with Anita.

Quotes and Great Moments:

Re: Sandra
“You did turn out pretty well, huh? You’re smart, you’re sassy, you’re hot, you have a degree…”-Anita
“Degrees, Mom. I have two of them. You really think I’m hot?”-Sandra
“Absolutely, honey.”-Anita
“So does Darrek.”-Sandra
“Yeah, I know. So, about that…”-Anita

Re: The Military
“Did you tell them who I am?”-Anita
“Lord, no!”-John

Re: Pokemon
“What the hell is an Eevee?”-John
“A Pokemon.”-Klaus
“Oh, that’s that game the kids play.”-John
“…and the Joker.”-Sandra

Re: Weapons
“Do you want the AR-15?”-John
“He’s my ex, John.”-Anita
“So, the grenade launcher, then?”-John

Re: Amara’s “children”
“So…you have a lot of grandkids, huh?”-Anita

Re: Amara
“Did you just wink at me? Is that a thing that just happened?”-Anita

“I could kiss you right now!”-Anita
Embarrassed “Um…on the cheek is fine.”-Klaus

Jason takes a bathroom break, and the out of game group discussion centers around 12th century Japanese tentacle porn. Robert shows the group a particularly disturbing piece entitled, “Dreams of the Fisherman’s Wife.”

Re: Alan
“What’s wrong?”-Sandra
“He’s fucking with me.”-Anita
“Well, then, we’re just going to have to fuck him back like the little bitch that he is.”-Drake
“Sex is verboten!”-Klaus

“Do I really look like a woman with a plan?”-Anita

Re: Hastur
“I’ve heard you say that name before. That’s like a Dagon, isn’t it?”-John
“We’re all going to die.”-John

“I made a deal.”-Erasmus Dein
“Yeah. That’s exactly what he did, too.”-Anita.

“You can’t have the Jag back.”-Anita
“The old girl still runs? Your mechanic must be gifted.”-Alan
“They really are…in more ways than one.”-Anita
smiles in realization “Ah, Darrek. Some things never change. And how is my protege these days?”-Alan
“He’s mine now, too. No take-backs.”-Anita

“On a scale of one to Walter, how fucked are we?”-Drake

“You guys are the bitchiest group of demon hunters I have ever seen!”-Anita

Re: Erasmus Dein
“The power that he seeks to invoke would be unspeakable.”-Brigitte
“I’ve seen a Dagon. Go ahead and speak it.”-John

Re: Encountering Alan
“I just had my brains and my heart scrambled like an egg.”-Anita

Re: John
“When you have a magic spear, every chest needs stabbing.”-Klaus

Re: Drake
“You’re a little better at it than I am. I can admit that.”-John

“A) I do not want to touch something made of the pure stuff of death and B) I am a Pariah, not Mr. Fantastic.”-Klaus

Klaus’ grapple maneuver is dubbed, ‘The Pariah Maiden’

Amara (to John): Odin sends his regards, by the by.
John: I miss him! Tell him to come by for a beer sometime!
Amara (smiles): I’ll deliver the message next time we speak.


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